The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Effortlessly Practical and Solid Family Car

Starting price: £65,975


Great seat configuration

Maximum of 31 miles

Optional integrated booster seat

Solid, safe car


Hybrid electric range A


A large price tag to go with a well thought out impressive 7 seater car.

This car rivals models such as Mercedes Benz GLS, Landrover Discovery and Audi Q7 and is available as a mild hybrid (petrol or diesel).

The look and feel of the XC90 was smart, solid and practical.  It certainly felt like a high-end vehicle.  The visibility of both the road and cockpit display was great. There was definitely a feeling of being high up and safe. The gear stick was at a relaxed arm level and it is definitely a great contender for comfort on any long trips.

The drive was effortless and the steering light.  Gone are the days of trying to feed a heavy steering wheel to do a 3 point turn!  The hybrid was certainly quiet which is good for around town. The length of the XC90 is almost equal to the Landrover Discovery and with great visuals on the mirrors, and 9inch tablet screen, parking is made almost easy. The cameras give a 360 degree digital birds eye view.  Plus, there are the standard parking sensors which help if you become distracted by a small child yelping in the back! 


The onboard 9 inch computer is a touchscreen which controls everything from the climate through to the infotainment and therefore gives a minimalist look to the cabin. Kate still prefers the ease, whilst eyes are on the road, of rotary climate controls, but this is subjective to personal preference and it is case of quickly adapting.  However, the voice control gives you the ability to change the temperature in all zones, defrost windows / door mirrors, heat seats / steering wheel and instruct media (you say it, it does it!).  All quite futuristic.  However, if it is similar to ‘Alexa’ then this is the sort of functionality that our children like to shout at and thank goodness it doesn’t talk back! 

The drive’s display is a 12 inch screen which is sharp and visually very clear.

Just to mention too that the sound system was good and great for belting out a tune or two! Albeit there is still the option to upgrade to the Bowers& Wilkins high end speakers.

Seats & Passenger Space

Beautiful comfortable seats which we both loved and there was even a massage button for those more stressful moments.  In the higher models you may opt for the contour front seats which adjust to fit your body.

If your partner has driven the car before you, then at a push of a button, you can switch the car to your profile.  I normally mutter to myself when I have to change the seat and mirrors back to the ‘correct’ spot!

The rear seats are fantastic and there is the option to reconfigure the car into a 5, 6 or 7, seater. With the middle, middle seat folded away it gives simple access for children / smaller adults to climb into the 3rd row.  

The other game changer is the option to have an integrated booster seat in the middle, middle spot for £200 extra.  This seat just pops up when needed and can be used for a child roughly between 2 and 6 stone.  We loved this option. There is an isofix point on both window seats on this 2nd row.

There is plenty of room in the 2nd row for 3 adults and the seats do have a small recline.

For an additional price you may wish to opt for heated seats/ backrests on the outer two rear bench cushions however, definitely not necessary if you still have children in car seats.

Cups & Cubby

The door bins were a good size.  There are two cup holders, in the middle, which adjust to hold drinks tightly to avoid those annoying spillages.  The centre console also has a sleek tambour style shutter which can be opened or closed to hide the cupholder area. Plus, there are 2 USB ports in the front and 2 more can be found on the rear tunnel in the back seat.

Directly in front of the steering wheel there was a storage space.  Potentially a good spot for a pair of sunglasses.

I am sure we are not the first to ask, but the glovebox, after pressing, pushing, pulling is actually opened via a button on the centre console.  There is a cooler button to adapt this compartment into a small picnic box.

In the back the door bins are a good size and there are netted rear seat pockets which will hold an iPad / small book.  The middle seat has a pull-down arm rest with 2 neat bottle / cup holders.

The 2 seats at the very rear also have a handy cupholder each.

Another big thumbs up for the tinted rear windows which had inbuilt pull-down blinds.  So much easier than the clip-on shades.

Boot Space

The boot is a great size and even in 7-seater mode, would happily fit a buggy and shopping or even a couple of dogs.  We love a good boot! There is no load lip which is such a plus when trying to heave heavy items in or even sit a child whilst trying to pull of welly boots. There is also a hands free boot opening – a quick wave of your foot and ta-da the door opens.

Volvo has a list of every possible optional extra from a dog gate to ski holders.  So if you are an all rounder there is nothing that hasn’t been thought of! 


A solid and well-made family car which definitely matched its high end price.

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4953 (L) x 1931 (W) x 1776 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

680 litres (5 seat)

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon

30.4m (Electric Range Combined)

Range - Kate and Claire


Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-62mph in 5.5 secs