The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Nimble little car and even great for long journeys

Starting price: £29,580


Fast charging

Good mileage range

Spacious rear cabin

Good kit included in the entry level


Infotainment screen is lagging

Interior does match the style of the exterior


We were looking forward to test driving the ID.3 which comes under VW’s 3rd major launch after the extremely popular Beetle and Golf.  Therefore, we had high expectations for this little car which has been built on its own bespoke pure electric platform.

We loved the exterior design which was on the lines of a futuristic Golf.  If you decide to test drive the ID.3 then do have a look at the clever headlights.

There are 4 trims with ‘Life’ being the entry level and is on par with the Renault Zoe. The higher end is the Tour, which is close to the Tesla 3, but you can pay around £10,000 difference from the entry level up to the higher spec.   However, we found that the entry level had some good kit included such as a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, keyless entry, power folding mirrors to name but a few.  A final note on the tech is that there are 3 battery levels to chose from (Pro, Pro Performance, Pro S).  The higher the level the greater the performance and range.  Entry level, depending on conditions, will give you 217 miles which is more than adequate for an average week for most.

The car’s gear selector can be found on the right-hand side of the wheel which makes perfect sense when changing to drive / reverse / park.  It is basically at your fingertips.  The car pulled off smoothly and breaking was light. We played around with parking / 3-point turns and the turning circle is brilliant.  The car could be quickly and effortlessly turned around in a jiffy…. perfect if you are constantly picking up / dropping off small people!  Likewise, the drive was good, and the car had no problem if a bit of speed was needed. A thumbs up!


VW have gone for a minimalist feel that other all electric car designs are following although it is not as high end as a Tesla 3.  There are no buttons or dials. The 5.3 inch digital display above the steering wheel is cleverly attached to the wheel. So, when you are adjusting the wheel to your perfect position, there is no chance of the cockpit display being obscured.

There were two areas of design that we weren’t keen on. Firstly, the lights.  The buttons are positioned on the dashboard on the left-hand side, where intuitively, it feels that they should be on the right.  Secondly, there are only two buttons for the electric windows rather than the usual 4 buttons in the door arm.  To operate the rear windows, you need to press another button which then allows the 2 buttons to operate the back windows. I hope you got that!  Life needs to be uncomplicated!

The infotainment screen comes as a standard 10 inch and here also lies the slightly awkward climate controls and slider volume.  Your eyes do get drawn away from the road when you are trying to operate.  It undoubtedly will take some practice, but it was definitely not highly responsive.  Although, the voice recognition does allow various actions such as temperature control and satnav.

The overall feel and quality of the interior was not luxurious, and we both felt that there was quite a lot of grey plastic.  However, when it comes to lighting, VW have excelled themselves.  The cabin has 10 different colours for ambience.  It may just help to keep all passengers relaxed or even asleep.

Seats & Passenger Space

The entry level fabric is a design cloth and the higher specs come in art velour which is more luxurious to touch.  However, there are not, at this moment in time, leather options.  As a parent dark leather is always such a hard wearing and washable safe option against any of life’s mishaps!

The front seats were comfortable, not particularly deep, but plenty of functionality to get to the right position.  Space between you and the passenger is plentiful and you even have pull down armrests for a bit of added comfort.  Heated front seats are standard. For dual climate control you will need to upgrade from the entry level.

The rear of the cabin is very spacious, and with no transmission tunnel, the floor is completely flat which means even the middle passenger has a comfortable ride.  There is lots of legroom so 3 teenagers or adults can fit on the back bench.  2 standard boosters ** / car seats fitted perfectly in the 2 outer isofix points.  A third isofix can be found on the front passenger seat which allows your baby / toddler to ride shot gun with you!

Cups & Cubby

There are 2 good sized cupholders along with a phone holder positioned in the middle of the front seats.  Just under the pull-down arm rests there is further space to hide your sunglasses and few bits and bobs. Plus, two USB ports if needed.  This cubby hole has a slide across door to keep things looking tidy.

We could happily pop our water bottles in the door bins albeit they were a little deep in length so you could lose the odd small item!  Unfortunately, the glovebox is a little non-descript and just about big enough for a family bag of wine gums!

In the rear there are a further 2 USB Ports to keep those toddler iPads or teenage iPhones fully charged. The rear of the seats have slim line pockets which would hold nothing more than a skinny book. The armrest can be pulled down to reveal 2 cup or bottle holders.  There is a further handle which you can pull and open a hatch into the boot.  Possibly handy on a long journey if you need to grab something from the boot or check in on the dog.  Alternatively this hatch would be useful if you needed to pack sporting equipment such as skis, poles etc..

Finally, the rear door bins were on the small side, but still adequate for a bottle, snacks or even a teddy.

Boot Space

The boot is a practical shape with 385 litres, similar to the VW Golf, with a detachable parcel shelf.  A pram or buggy fitted comfortably in the boot.

There is a small load lip and with a heavy pram or item you are in danger of scratching the paint work.


A great all-round family car with a good mileage range to suit your needs.

The rear cabin is spacious and can comfortably accommodate, for a small car, 3 children or adults.

Starting price £29,580 (Top Spec £38,760).

** Boosters used in this review: Cozynsafe Tambu (width 45cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4261 (L) x 1809 (W) x 1568 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

385 litres

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire


217 miles

Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-62mph in 9.6secs