The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Sensible family mid-sized SUV

Starting price: £45,599



Low CO2 emissions

Good electric range


High price tag

Poor infotainment

Boot could be bigger


Suzuki and Toyota have collaborated on several models and the Suzuki Across and Toyota RAV4 fall under this bracket.  The cars are like twins and are identical in many areas.

The Suzuki Across Plug-in hybrid is unique and only has one spec which means that it is either included or not available for this car. However, after going through the finer details the Across has a strong list of kit included so you won’t feel short changed.  You can also choose from a choice of 6 colours to suit your taste.  The price is £45,599 and the only optional extras are minor such as a floor mat for the boot.  That said the RAV 4 still comes in at a lower price and has a 5-year warranty versus Suzuki’s 3-years.

The medium SUV market is fairly saturated and similar options are the Mazda CX-5 and Ford Kuga.

The look of the car is smart, with a bold grill at the front, and there is a sense that the vehicle is fairly robust.  To maximise fuel economy, it is recommended that you plug the vehicle in every night, but this may not be practical if you do not have easy access to a charger.  With the 3kw wall box fitted it will take the battery about 6 hours to fully charge and Suzuki quote a maximum of 46 electric miles. For most this is more than adequate for a day or two of trips to work and or school runs and clubs.  There are 4 driving modes, but if you want to keep things simple then ‘automatic’ will determine the car’s best efficiency on when to use electric power or fuel.

Claire and I found the drive to be quick and easy to manoeuvre around town.  However, it felt more sensible as opposed to the fun factor!  With a rear-view camera along with front and rear parking sensors the Across was fairly simple to pop into a tight parking space


Two words sprung to mind ‘practical and logical’ with the car’s interior.  The finish is good, but does not sparkle like the premium end cars.  Again the interior is matchy matchy with its twin the RAV4 and the only real difference is the Suzuki badge on the steering wheel.

There is a digital drivers display along with a 9 inch infotainment screen positioned at easy reach.  The touchscreen is a little claggy, but does do what it says on the tin and, like most, has apple play and android auto.  Climate control has two good sized manual knobs which are easy to operate. A little bonus is that there is a heated steering wheel which is heavenly on an icy morning. The car itself is also packed with safety features such as pre collision system (automated breaking to prevent accidents), e-call (if involved in an accident the vehicle can alert emergency services to your precise location) and, for the not so cooperative passengers, a seat belt reminder! Ding ding!

Seats & Passenger Space

The Across provides heated seats throughout the car to keep everyone happy at the beginning of a drive.

The front seating is comfortable and you have the ability to play around with the 8 way power adjustable seat button to find that perfect spot which gives you both a clear view of the cockpit and road ahead.

To assist with spillages, mud and general knocks, which come with family life, the upholstery is leather with a fabric trim in the middle of the seating.  We have both thought about banning snacks in the car, but on long journeys sanity takes preference!

Seating in the back is spacious albeit you would need a very small bottom to fit between two car seats. The transmission tunnel in the middle is quite low and therefore not too awkward for the middle passenger.  There is an isofix point on the outer window seats and 3 child tether anchorages.  The rear doors open wide which really helps when trying to strap a child in /out of their car seat. Finally, there is privacy glass to help keep the glare off squinting /sleeping passengers.

Cups & Cubby

There are some good spaces for storage in this car. The door bins comfortably hold water bottles and extras.  There is a handy tray on the dashboard where you can pop keys or a phone and they won’t go whizzing off when you turn a corner!  The centre console houses two good size coffee cup holders and, likewise in the rear, if you pull the armrest down your passengers can also store drinks.

To keep the family devices charged there is a USB port in the front and an additional one in the rear. Further storage can be found behind the front seats where there are two pockets to hold an iPad or bits and bobs for a journey.

Boot Space

The boot capacity is smaller than the RAV 4 at 490 litres, but the boot shape is good in terms of practicality for maximising the load.  There is not a load lip which makes life easier when loading in a heavy pram or luggage. On top of this there is the kick operation tailgate.  So, when you have a child on your hip, whilst juggling your shopping bags, you can wiggle your foot under the bumper and the boot will cleverly open. Another thumbs up was for the retractable parcel shelf.  Both a pram and buggy slotted nicely into the boot’s space.


The Across makes a sensible choice for a family car albeit you may want to compare with the RAV4 before deciding.

** Car seats used in this review: Joie Trillo (max width 48cm)

Starting Price (Plug In Hybrid) : £45,599

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4635 (L) x 1855 (W) x 1690 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

490 litres

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire


46 miles

Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-62mph in 6.0 secs