The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Big Beast with towing power

Starting price: £37,995


Great price with a lot of extras included

Well thought out practical vehicle

Robust family car

Can tow 3500kg trailer


One engine

Heavy car / suited more to out of town


The Rexton is a solid and large family SUV.  We thought that this car would look very much at home either flying down an American Freeway or romping through the Australian outback!  The Rexton has won the ‘Best Value’ category in 4×4 Magazine for the last 4 years.  The price tag is very attractive along with the 7 year 150,000 mile warranty. Rivals include the Kia Sorento and Toyota Land Cruiser

The drive we found to be a little rugged around the edges and is suited to the outside of any city. For a big beast it was fairly easy to manoeuvre, and we almost felt the urge to look for bit of Country and Western on the DAB radio!  Standard models come with rear view cameras and if you upgrade you can enjoy the brilliant 3D 360 around view which confidently gives you the ability not to hit any hidden bollards! This vehicle is also ideal for taking off road or even pulling a trailer / caravan with its 3500kg towing capacity.

N.B The NCAP rating is yet to be determined


The interior finish, for the price, we were very impressed. The cockpit had all the necessities comfortably at arms length.  The D shaped leather steering wheel had the heated option and we could adjust it to the perfect driving position.  Functionality was all at finger tip which is just want you want on either a busy morning or a long weekend drive.  The digital cockpit has a 12.3 inch instrument cluster which is beautifully sharp and we loved the techie bit where you can mirror the centre consol infotainment screen.  Great when parking or even using the Satnav. Standard infotainment touchscreen is 8 inch or upgrade to the Ultimate for the 9 inch although for such a large car the screen could be bigger. Even at entry level you have access to DAB, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play / Android Auto. Large icons also meant that it was easy to navigate and flick through the screens.

The standard entry really has nearly everything you would require through to dual zone climate control to keep all your passengers happy.

One of the Rexton’s functions which put a smile on our faces…’rear cabin talk mode’.  Kate’s boys have been known to have a few arguments on car journeys and when the driver talks, in the Rexton, the front microphone then has the ability to play this out of the 2nd and 3rd row speakers!  In reverse this can be put into ‘quiet mode’.

There was good lighting in the cabin which on a winter’s night when you are perhaps looking for a lost set of housekeys or a shoe this would be so helpful!

Seats & Passenger Space

The Rexton is a 7 seater.  The standard Ventura has luxury faux upholstery and the Ultimate comes with the premium nappa.  Either finish will cope with the everyday knocks of family life.

The front seats have an 8 way adjustable seat with lumbar support so even the fussiest of drivers should be able to find the perfect spot which gives a good commanding view over the road. We certainly felt high up. Standard entry also gives everyone a warm bottom!  Heated seats throughout and for those hotter moments the front two seats have cool ventilation.

The rear bench happily fitted 2 car seats and a small booster seat in the middle. For your teenagers or friends there was ample leg room and, and with no transmission tunnel, the middle passenger would actually get quite a comfortable ride.

The third row was a little deceiving.  It definitely looked bigger than it was, but still a practical spot for 2 children to sit. There are thick pillars so you may wish to test this spot out especially if intending to use the 6th and 7th seat on a regular basis.

The 2 isofix points are found in the rear bench on the outer seats.  We also noted that the rear doors have a  good opening especially helpful if you have to swing in a baby car seat! **

Cups & Cubby

The storage space ticks most of the boxes. In the front the door bins are on par with the car…big!  Next to the gear stick, at a comfortable position, are two coffee cup holders with teeth to stop those unwanted spillages along with 2 USB ports.  Both here and in front are tambour covers to hide these spaces.  Below the comfy armrest is a further cubby hole along with a fair sized glovebox to pop in any family essentials / emergency humbugs!  The car also has wireless charging – big tick!

The rear bench has a pull-down armrest with bottle holders along with pockets in the back of the front seats. There are also two handy USB ports to keep mobile phones and Ipads charged which will keep any screen addict happy.

The passengers in the third row had not been forgotten and apart from storage space Claire spotted two bands which turned out to be water bottle holders.  Simple, but effective!

Boot Space

Similar to the seat the boot looks larger than it actually is.  Capacity with the 3rd row folded down is 641 litres and with the 3rd row in place there is 240 litres of load space.  That said you can happily fit a large pram, shop and a dog into 641 litres!  With all 7 seats in position a buggy and some wellies can be loaded in.  The floor is two tiered which could be a pain. We ideally would prefer this to be level to make life easier when loading / unloading larger objects.  There is a very small load lip and, with the boot door open, there is a good sheltered spot to remove footballs through to muddy wellies.  For the powered tailgate (always handy) you will need to opt for the Ultimate model


At entry level the Rexton gives you almost all the little luxuries of a premium car along with space for everyone. A good solid choice for outside of town. The pitfalls are that this car is heavy, slow and does just over 32 MPG.

** Car Seats used in this review : Joie Trillo (width 48cm)

Booster Cozynsafe Tambu (width 45cm)

Halfords Essential Booster (39.5cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4850 (L) x 1960(W) x 1825 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

641 litres (5 seat)

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire



Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-60mph in 10.7 secs