Whether you’re after a little run around for city driving, a small family car, or even a second car, we have been mindful as to what each vehicle has to offer and if this constitutes a great small family car. 

The interior needs to be child friendly and if you can get 3 boosters on the back seat then we’re very happy, a huge plus for those car shares and playdates.  Any extra luxuries such as heated seats or a heated steering wheel have been highlighted.

The car must have a big enough boot space to fit in a pushchair along with the odd shopping bag or school sports kit.  The car must be easy to park and small enough to fit in the tiniest of spaces when you’re running late on the school run or to a gym class! 

We have looked at a range of small vehicles – from the very small 3 door cars, like the Fiat 500, where you can literally park anywhere, to the slightly larger 5 door cars, such as the Seat Ibiza, that offers just that little bit more.

We have not only identified the needs of families but also reviewed whether these cars provide an element of style and fun to the look and drive.