The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Impressive small electric run around

Starting price: £27,595


Well priced

Great mileage range


Rear seats were a little cramped

Fiddly rear door handles


The Renault Zoe is only available as a fully electric car with a choice of 2 engines.

We rather liked the Renault Zoe.  The rounded front of the car is very appealing and there is a large Renault badge above the grill which when swivelled reveals the charging point. On the downside Renault have designed a sporty rear door handle which is flush to the car. Yes, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but on a practical note we actually found it fiddly and slightly annoying especially if you were multi-tasking with child on your hip or various bags and trying to open.  With the Zoe you can choose through a great choice of colours and if you go for the limited-edition Riviera then she comes in a striking midnight blue. Rivals in this class include the Mini Electric and Fiat 500.

To open the Zoe we had a very cool hands free card rather than a key.  So if you have the key somewhere on you (sounds about right when it could be in a handbag, a wallet, a pocket or even absolutely anywhere) then opening, starting and locking the car is simple.

Renault also has an APP…. there is an APP for everything!  You can then link to a wide range of free services for 3 years.  Useful everyday stuff like battery status, remaining driving range, scheduling off peak charging. Plus for cold winter mornings / evenings you can activate the cabin for the ideal temperature for when you set off. Thumbs up!

The drive was smooth, effortless and light.  We liked the fun feel of nipping about in this small electric hatchback and this car would certainly tick the boxes for being a perfect children’s taxi for running the children to school or clubs.  Kate had to make a quick u-turn after going the wrong way (talking too much) and it was a doddle to make in this car.  The tight turning circle ensures parking or a 3 point turn is very simple. Rather like a child’s electric car this vehicle is simple to drive and whizzes and slows smoothly from just a light touch of the accelerator pedal.  Renault advise that the electric range is a whopping 245 miles.  However, we have learnt that this would truly be the optimum.  We were advised that realistically in summer you could potentially have 230 miles from a full charge and nearer to 150 miles in winter which over the course of a week you could happily do between 20-30ish miles per day…. ample for an everyday run around.  This car is very economic too.


The interior has moved, like other electric cars, to a simple and clean looking cockpit. The layout is good.

The infotainment touchscreen was at easy reach with large icons which we feel are safer when trying to navigate on the move.  Using apple car play and android auto you can access all your favourites such as Spotify and Waze directly onto the screen.

The driver’s display screen is nice and clear and you are able to move the satnav directions onto this screen as an option when driving.

The climate control is still adjusted easily via the dials and a favourite of ours is the wireless charging next to the gearchange albeit that there are 2 usb ports here too – bonus!

Seats & Passenger Space

The seats were okay and possibly suited more for short rather than long drives. A small design fault is that there is no middle arm rest which would have added that little bit of comfort. There is lots of adjustment available on the steering wheel and because the car battery is under the seats you do end up sitting quite high (a plus if you are on the shorter side).  If you desire a warm bottom and hands then you will need to look at the mid range models and then add the winter pack.

The rear is not as big as some of the Zoe’s competitors and due to the raised floor the legroom feels a little cramped if you have long legged teenagers.  However, there is no middle floor tunnel which does add some space and for smaller people there are two isofix points. Plus there is an additional isofix point in the front passenger seat so your little companion can always ride shotgun with you.

The front seats have an integrated head rests which results in the rear passengers loosing some vision on the road ahead. This may not work well with any sickly travellers (Kate has now found a special emergency item for one of those ‘oh gawd’ moments….tried and tested!).  That said at least the passenger windows go all the way down!

Cups & Cubby

The cupholder between the front seats is okay. Smaller bottles will rattle and the position is not brilliant when trying to reach down for your, all important, morning caffeine fix. The front door bins we found to be of a good size to fit in bottles and handy paraphernalia.  Where as the glovebox you would be lucky to squeeze in a few emergency snacks and this possibly why Renault have put a useful small, non rolling tray for the passenger to put their phone / bits and bobs on.

The rears storage door bins are badly designed and will only fit a skinny bottle wedged in and there is only a side pouch for storage on the back of one seat.  A bit confused by a side pocket… possibly lacking a zip!  USB ports are plentiful with two more in the rear.

Boot Space

The simple boot has a 60 /40 split if you need to put the seats down and the size is quite good at 338 litres which is larger than a Vauxhall Corsa or Mini Electric. A buggy happily fits in, but with all small car models we do recommend that you test the boot out for size especially if you have a larger pram.  It will give you a true idea of space for every day life.

Smaller cars tend to have a large load lip and the Zoe is one of them. This is something to consider if you are regularly using for heavy items.


The front of the car is positively distinguishable, and this is a great, economic small run around for a mixture of family life.

** Car Seats used in this review: Joie Trillo (width 48cm)

Booster seats used in this review: Cozynsafe Tambu (width 45cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4087 (L) x 1730 (W) x 1532 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

338 litres

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire


234 miles

Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-60mph in 9.5 secs