The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

A great small SUV with plenty of space for a small family

Starting price: £18,090


3 boosters in the rear

Plenty of space for an umbrella fold pushchair and shopping bags

Large touchscreen

360 camera

Thermaclear windscreen – demists in minutes


Cant’ fit a travel system in the boot

No air vents in the rear

No boot button to close boot

Cup holders could be better positioned


The look of the Nissan Juke is much improved, but it is not overly exciting in our opinion.  The salesman told us, “The frog has turned into a prince!” Not sure we’d agree with that, however there are options to “pimp it up” with a Union Jack roof and Bose speakers in the head rests of the driver and passenger seats (although these do look more like something out of a Star Wars film!)  There are 6 different trim levels in this SUV range: Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta, Tekna, Tekna + and Premiere Edition.  We drove the Tekna in manual.  It was an easy, smooth drive and was actually quite good fun on the road. 


The interior is nothing to get excited about in all honesty. We thought the 3 large, circular central air con vents were quite prominent and imposing.  However, the central 8 inch touch screen is perfectly positioned high on the dashboard and is incredibly easy to use and manipulate. Op for the Acenta upwards and you’ll gain smartphone integration, allowing you to access your phone’s app through the infotainment system (we love this.) 

The air conditioning is manual but from the N-Connecta upwards you get auto climate control.  One feature we loved for those cold winter mornings is on the windscreen.  Due to the installation of the Thermaclear system within the glass, it effectively means the windscreen can be cleared in minutes. We all know that sinking feeling when you’re already late heading out on the school run and you suddenly realise the windscreen is covered in ice! So opting for the Tekna trim will mean you can smugly save yourself some precious minutes!  

The mirrors provide plenty of visibility and we loved Nissan’s “Intelligent Around View Monitor,” featured in most of their cars.  It is a 360° camera which makes parking the car anywhere a piece of cake.  It gives you a birds-eye view of the car and being able to see the road, lines and anything else surrounding the car is just brilliant!  Pressing the camera button on the touchscreen changes the camera view and you can even get a good view of your distance from the kerb. This is only available on the Tekna trim and upwards and definitely worth the extra pennies.  The rear visibility doesn’t provide an adequate view due to the small rear window and chucky rear frame, but that doesn’t matter if you opt for the camera.

Seats & Passenger Space

The seats are comfy enough and provide adequate support.  Leather seats come as standard on the Techna +, otherwise you’ll have to settle for a combination of leather and synthetic fabric which we’re told is wipeable, mmm wonder if their tests include spilt juice and sticky sweets! There is plenty of leg room in the front for the driver and passenger, however 3 adults might find it a bit snug in the back on a longer journey.  

There are 2 ISOFIX points on rear bench and 3 child seats fit easily on the back seat (2 large and 1 smaller booster seat in the centre). So, the Juke is perfect for growing families, or playdates and car shares.

Cups & Cubby

There are 2 good sized central cup holders in between the 2 front seats.  However, being behind the gear stick means you’ll have to grab your coffee at a slightly awkward angle, we prefer them when they’re further forward.  The front door bins can also accommodate a water bottle and there is a storage tray with a USB port, underneath the air con controls for phones and keys.  The glove box is an adequate size too.

There are no cupholders in the back, but the door bins are a reasonable size. There are storage pouches on the back of the driver and passenger seats, but you won’t get anything bulky in there except maybe a couple of colouring books.


Boot Space

The boot in the Nissan Juke is a pleasant surprise, bigger than expected and you’ll definitely get a weekly big shop in there! It also has a flat shelf with no drop at the boot entrance, making it easy to put in/take out any items. You won’t need to lift up and over.  Once this flat boot shelf is removed, additional space is provided. A pram would just about fit inside but it didn’t leave room for much else. A large stroller will also go in but at an angle, however it did leave room for school bags and a few shopping bags. 



Overall, the first trim (or entry model) Visia is not worth going for if you’re wanting a lot of the items on our pros list.  Anything from the N-Connecta upwards is what you’ll need to consider.  However, if you’re looking for a small, stylish SUV that provides enough comfort for the school run, a weekly shop, or general day to day family life at an affordable price, then this is definitely the car for you.  

Car seats used in this review – 1 x Graco Booster Basic (width 40cm) 1 x Babystart Topo Booster (width 38cm) 1 x Halfords Essentials Booster (width 39.5cm)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

422 Litres

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4210 mm (L) x 1800 mm (W) x 1595 mm (H)

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon

44.1 – 47.9

Range - Kate and Claire



Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-60 mph in 10.4 secs