Would you be happy to ‘drive’ handsfree on the motorway?

Would you be happy to let go of the steering wheel whilst whizzing down the motorway?

The Government have approved Ford’s ‘BlueCruise’ technology for use on certain motorways.  The technology controls the steering, acceleration and breaking.  You can basically eat your M&S prawn sandwich with both hands whilst ‘driving’.  However, it will detect and sound an alarm if you take your eyes off the road / windscreen.

The Ford Mach-E is the first vehicle on the UK roads and Ford are giving 90 days free and thereafter the consumer will have to sign up for a monthly subscription.

With 0-5 levels of driving Ford’s tech is rated a 2/5.  Level 5 would be fully automated without any human interaction.  We would definitely lose the fun in driving and it would certainly not work for Thelma & Louise!

Ford Mustang Mach-E

This experience will go against everything we have been taught and take us completely out of our comfort zone.  We are not sure how comfortable we would feel going ‘no hands!’ especially with passengers and precious goods in the car.  Plus, why would you want to?  We both thought that we are actually more alert when in control of the car as opposed to being a sleepy passenger.

Perhaps like all technology it is something that will gradually become part of life and very much the norm on main roads.  Watch this space!

I don’t like to get involved in things that I am not familiar with. I’m kind of a hands-on type of person.

Dolly Parton

There is much debate to be had on the topic and Kate & Claire put together our thoughts on the Pros and Cons:


Less chance of human error on motorway driving.  Technology has the advantage of using artificial intelligence to navigate the vehicle at the right speed, distance, direction and it also quicker to react to potential hazards

Increased efficiency with routes and flow of traffic which would basically get you to your destination more quickly and keep the little backseat passengers more settled and happier.  This would also allow you a longer range with an electric vehicle

If cars became fully automated then those who struggle to drive a ‘regular’ car would potentially have the opportunity to travel independently


Technology can go wrong which is fine with the small stuff, but on a motorway, this could be catastrophic

Human intuition is something that tech cannot fully recreate and sometimes things happen suddenly inside or outside of a car

There will be a cost involved which will ultimately be passed on to the consumer

Finally, as we continue to develop all these amazing products there could be a loss of jobs in the transport industry for drivers.  The thought of seeing a driverless lorry hurtling down the M25 would certainly send us running home!

‘Look Mummy no hands!’