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One word – WOW!

Starting price: £85,695


Every family essential item you can think of – too many to list!

TV receiver


The price


My goodness, what a fabulous car!  Strap yourselves in (excuse the pun) there’s a lot to say! The GLS is on another level and feels luxurious from start to finish, we loved it. Let’s get past the price tag for the minute and talk about what it has to offer. From the moment you approach the car, you know you’re going to drive something special. Yes, it’s a 7-seater, but it’s a classy looking 7-seater. It’s stylish, sleek and will make people look twice when they see you coming.

This SUV has 5 trim levels – Night Edition, Night Edition Executive, AMG Night Edition Executive, Maybach and Maybach First Class. We drove the automatic diesel Night Edition Executive. It’s worth noting that the gear stick is American style and on the steering column, which doesn’t take long to get used to. If manual mode is selected, the gears can be controlled by paddles behind the steering wheel, giving it that sporty feel.

It has a hands-free entry and keyless start. The drive is smooth and easy and it can really move when you put your foot down! Cruise control comes as standard for those longer journeys and there is a Mercedes-Benz emergency call button (SOS button) to reassure you in case the need arises.

Mercedes-Benz offer an app for your phone called “Mercedes Me.” This will allow you do check all manner of things related to your car and even plan journeys that can be downloaded to the sat nav before you leave the house.


Where do we start? Wow!  The interior is simply heavenly. We immediately noted the light and airy feel due to the panoramic sunroof which comes as standard. This also helps to brighten up the space for anyone sitting in the 3rd row.

When sitting in the driver’s seat, your eye is drawn to the Mercedes-Benz classic long, virtual cockpit and infotainment system. It is one continual digital display that stretches across the dashboard and looks stylish and slick. A head-up display also comes as standard and offers the driver important information at a mere glance whilst driving. The touchscreen is easy to navigate around, however there is also the option of using the touchpad in the centre console as a means of selection on the infotainment system. A further option is to simply talk to the car!  By saying “hey Mercedes” you will activate the MBUX system, which allows you to tell the car what you want it to do, for example change the radio station, say who you’d like to call etc. Smartphone integration comes as standard, allowing you to use your phone’s apps through the touchscreen.

If all this wasn’t enough, the GLS also comes with a TV receiver.  Yes, we were slightly confused when we could hear the dulcet tones of Holly and Phil, only to be told there’s a TV ariel in the car! Fancy listening to your favourite TV programme? (Or watching if the car is stationary) Who’d have thought this was possible?! Don’t think Mercedes-Benz have forgotten the kiddies in the back either. By using the rear seat removeable 7 inch tablets and headphones, they can enjoy their favourite episodes of Peppa Pig too (and no, don’t worry you don’t have to suffer the same, you can program their tablets to watch one programme whilst you listen to another) clever, clever stuff!!!

The GLS has dual climate control for the driver and passenger which is controlled through buttons below the touchscreen. We prefer this as it feels safer to activate whilst driving, as opposed to operating the air con through the infotainment system. The car offers tri-zone climate control in the back, meaning everyone can set the temperature to what they want without any arguments – hooray! There are even air vents for the 3rd row passengers, which is incredibly rare.

Parking such a large car may seem daunting, but we had no problems due to the 360° camera and front and rear parking sensors. The camera on the touchscreen is crystal clear too.

Seats & Passenger Space

The seats are leather – perfect for crumbs, spillages and sticky fingers.  There is lots of leg and height room in the front for the driver and passenger and not only are these seats heated for those colder months, but both the central armrest and the armrest on the inside of the door can also be heated.  With the addition of a heated steering wheel, you’ll feel lovely and cosy in the winter! For the summer months, the seats are also ventilated meaning you can cool them down; gone are the days of burning your legs when you sit on those hot leather seats!

Once again, Mercedes-Benz seem to have thought of everything and if you’re having a slightly stressful day, you merely need to utter the words “Mercedes Dynamic” and the car will attempt to activate all your senses. It will initiate the seat massage function, play appropriate music (depending on your mood) and even pump a relaxing scent through the air vents (the oil for this is in the glove box). Now this is luxury on another level!

Moving on to the rear, you’ll find privacy glass (tinted windows) on the back windows to keep out the sun’s glare and there is plenty of height and leg space – 3 adults will be very comfortable.  There are 2 ISOFIX points on the rear bench. We had no problems placing a combination of 3 large booster seats or a rear facing baby seat and 2 large booster seats on there.

The 3rd row of the GLS is what makes the car fairly unique in comparison to others cars in this class.  Both seats have ISOFIX points, which is rare and 2 adults will also feel comfortable in the back as there’s plenty of room.

Cups & Cubby

As you would expect for the size of the car – there’s plenty of storage throughout the car.  In the front, the glove box is a great size and the door bins provide adequate space for a water bottle and much more. There are 2 perfectly positioned central cupholders in between the driver and passenger seat that are temperature controlled – at the touch of a button you can keep your water cool or your coffee hot, a new one for us!  There’s a storage tray with retractable cover below the dashboard with a wireless phone charger and 2 USB C ports. You’ll find lots of room in the storage compartment in the central armrest too.

In the rear, there are storage pockets on the back of the driver and passenger seats that can easily accommodate an iPad or colouring book and pencils. There is a central storage pocket for a phone with 2 USB C ports below the air vents and the rear door bins are also a great size, providing lots of space for a large water bottle and more. A central armrest can be lowered If there are only 2 passengers on the rear bench, that offers further storage and 2 cupholders.

Once again, Mercedes-Benz haven’t forgotten those all important 3rd row passengers, they’ll each have a large cupholder and 2 USB C ports at their disposal.

Boot Space

The GLS boot is a fabulous size – 890 litres with the 3rd row down! We had no difficulties placing our stroller vertically as opposed to horizontally in there. Even our pram paled into significance and looked a little lost in the enormous boot. You name it, you’ll fit it in there!

When the 3rd row is needed, there’s no awkward pulling and lifting. At the mere touch of a button, the seats will magically pop up or drop down, it literally is that simple. Once the 3rd row is in place, the boot size drops down to 355 litres, which is only 20 litres off the Ford Focus. It’s still a great size and with the stroller in there, you’ll find you have lots of room for shopping bags, school bags etc.

Finally, there is a powered tailgate (boot button) for convenience, meaning if you’re laden with bags, a baby and a dog, the boot will open at the touch of a button. The boot floor is also flush, making life so much easier when trying to manoeuvre a pram or pushchair in and out.  You won’t have to worry about lifting it up and over, items will easily slide out. A retractable parcel shelf ensures you can access the rear of the boot.


Wow – what a car! The Mercedes-Benz GLS is a truly fabulous family 7-seater. It literally ticks every box in terms of family essentials. You name it, the GLS has it, with added extras you didn’t even know you needed. If the car is within your budget, get those running shoes on and sprint to that showroom, you won’t be sorry!

Car seats used in this review: 1 x Graco Tri Logic (width 40.8cm) 1 x Maxi-Cosi Pebble (width 43cm) 1 x Grace Booster Basic (width 40cm) 1 x Maxi-Cosi Rodifix (49cm) 1 x Cybex Solution X Fix (width 45cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


5213mm (L) x 2157mm (W) x 1823mm (H)

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Boot Capacity

890 Litres

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0-60 mph in 6 secs