The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Great boot! Fun drive! Washable seat covers!

Starting price: £22,045


Fun to drive

Great size, practical boot

Removable, washable seat covers


Interior is a little lacking

Rear seats are less thought out


The Puma has had a total face lift complete with a smiling front grill. The look is sporty and is a chunkier version of the Ford Fiesta.  Available in a range of 8 colours it definitely got the thumbs up from us. 

Visibility of the road ahead is good although you are not as high up as some of Puma’s rivals such as the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

The window pillars are quite thick and therefore do restrict your view when looking or turning left.  We certainly liked the drive.  The steering was very responsive and we were quite impressed with the ease of handling.  If you put the car into Sports Mode the valves on the exhaust open up and the Puma gives a roar.  Exciting!  

From entry level the Puma has foldable heated door mirrors and rear parking sensors both of which are very handy when parking in town.

With the hybrid Puma the system will shut off when the car is slowing to a stop.  It will still give power to the steering wheel and brakes (thankfully!) and will then save power each time.

From the standard car up there is automatic emergency braking and auto lane keeping assistance.  Such features are why the Puma scored a NCAP 5 stars. 


When you step into the Puma it is not as sparkly as the exterior, but definitely functional and clearly laid out.

There is quite a bit of plastic as opposed to soft finishing and we were not wowed.

The climate control is via manual dials whereas the navigation, car play etc is via an 8 inch touchscreen. Not always the safest option especially when driving, but it was easy to use.  The graphics on the instrument cluster were nice and clear and the Puma has wireless charging which is really handy especially if you never quite remember to charge a dying battery.  

Seats & Passenger Space

The front seats were comfortable and we did not feel enclosed.  Both the seats and steering wheel were easy to adjust and if you want to pay for the top model (ST-Line X Vignale) then heated / massage front seats and a heated steering wheel will be just the ticket on a cold Monday morning…. albeit at a price!

 The rear seats would fit 3 children where as 3 adults would definitely only be able to have a short trip from home to the pub.  There is no middle armrest and the seats split 60/40 when folded down. There are 2 isofix points and we noted that a rear facing car seat can fit without having to move the front seat forward. The windows in the back only go down 2/3 of the way. We actually googled to see why some cars do this.  I thought is maybe to stop a child or dog from hanging their head out of the window…… in fact it is just because of the door design and the window only goes down as far as the shape of the door allows.  A not so interesting logical little fact! 

One great revelation was finding out that all the seat covers unzip and are machine washable. Bit of a game changer if you are the proud owner of small children or muddy dogs.


Cups & Cubby

The centre console has room for 2 cups and a small bottle.  The door bins are shallow, but quite happily store a large water bottle and bits and bobs.  Underneath the arm rest there is further storage and the glove box is perfectly adequate to throw in a packet of wipes and an emergency snack or two. Albeit that there is wireless charging there are an additional 2 USB ports.

The rear door bins would hold a water bottle and the back of the front seats both had a netted pocket to store an ipad or bits and pieces.

Boot Space

One of the best bits about the car was the boot and for family and everyday life it was a winner!  456 litres. The base of the boot can be adjusted down to make more space.  Below this is an additional 80 litre storage bin.  Really useful to store welly boots or sports equipment.  The exciting bit is that there is a plug hole in the bin and therefore it can all be washed down easily.  Another thought we had was to fill it with ice, on a camping trip, a perfect place to hold the vino! Voila! 


We really liked the Puma.  Rear space is a little limited, but overall a fun drive with a very useful boot

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

456 Litres

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4186 (L) x 1930 (W) x 1537 (H)

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire



Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0 – 62 mph in 9.8 seconds