The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

Ticks well on the practicality and the pricing!

Starting price: £33,505


Competitively priced

Ticks the boxes on practicality

Solid drive


Small boot capacity compared to rivals

Interior is a bit boring


Great practical family car which is priced well in this SUV category.

The Kuga rivals the likes of the Toyota RAV4 and the Skoda Karoq in this popular SUV / Crossover market. 

The look from the front is similar to the new Ford Focus with the modern looking grill and style of lights. This takes it away from the old and familiar Ford designs and we were pleasantly surprised. 

We drove a plug in Hybrid and the car pulled away so quietly. Albeit there was no noise we did both think that the tranquillity would send any small passengers off to sleep (tick!). All the Kugas now have the modern keyless start. During the test drive the Kuga felt solid, light to drive and gentle on the corners…..good for any car sickness sufferers too!  Parking cameras are optional extras on the petrol and diesel models, but with the plug in Hybrid the rear view camera is included.  Parking was super simple in this Ford and with standard parking sensors we were able to nip into a parking space easily.  One small negative was that the rear view is slightly obscured by the rear back pillars of the car.


The interior itself does not match the luxurious and stylish feel of the more expensive premium brands, but it has all the practicality that a family needs for everyday life.

The cockpit functions were simple and I actually still quite like buttons / knobs for the climate control.  The dashboard was clear and the 8 inch infotainment system is really easy to use (not over techie).  There is voice recognition technology available, sat nav, apple car play and all models have wireless phone charging which is super handy. The Hybrid also has power heated folding mirrors which is a big bonus too.

Seats & Passenger Space

Leather seats are a big plus especially if you have younger children who are often armed with bananas, chocolate or even milk. However, you would need to upgrade to get the full leather trim.  The seats were standard, but there were enough adjustments to give the driver a higher view over the road. The warming luxuries of heated seats (front and back) and steering wheel are all available, but again you would need to pay for the upgrade.  Claire and I are a big fan of the heated seat…. once you have tried it then it is difficult to go back again!! 

The rear seats had good leg and head room and would easily seat three adults or teenagers.  On a plus there was no large central tunnel to straddle. There are 2 isofix points for child seats and three booster seats fitted. For larger passengers there is also the extra comfort of being able to slightly recline the seat

Cups & Cubby

The cupholder were nicely positioned for the obligatory morning coffee and the cubby hole spaces in the front were all perfectly adequate from popping a water bottle in the door bin to a few odds and ends (snacks and wipes!) in the glove box. 

The rear arm rest, which has two cup holders, are quite shallow so not the most useful of designs to prevent spillages.  The door bins are on the small size, but again adequate and there are pockets on the rear of the front seats to pop in an ipad, a book etc… You will also see that there is a 3 pin plug socket positioned above the central tunnel which is quite rare.

Boot Space

The Hybrid’s boot space is about 15% less than the petrol and diesel models. 412 litres which smaller than most of the car’s rivals. That said with no load lip and a good shape there was plenty of room for a buggy, scooters and lots more. Plus the rear bench can move back and forward so there is the option to reduce passenger leg room and gain a little bit in boot space.  The hybrid and higher trims also have the automatic tailgate which is such a bonus when you are weighed down with shopping of even have a toddler on your hip.

One little extra that we must mention are the rear door wall protectors. Children are professionals at swinging doors open on to offending objects such as lamp posts and clever old Ford have designed a cover which pops out as soon as the door is open. This then takes the brunt of any knocks. Clever stuff! 


To sum up the Kuga we would say she is a practical, robust family car without the frills and competitively priced.

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

412 Litres

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4620 (L) x 2178 (W) x 1742

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon

50.4 (avg combined)

Range - Kate and Claire



Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-62 mph in 9.2 secs