The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

A classic Italian electric car

Starting price: £19,995


Park it anywhere

3 x ISOFIX points

Fit a small stroller in the boot

Large touchscreen


Lack of storage in the back

Small pushchair fits in the boot

Cupholder in the front please


Finally, the Fiat 500 electric has arrived and it did not disappoint. It’s a great little car; stylish and fun with a sporty feel. It’s perfect for city driving or day to day family life, we loved it!

There are 5 trims levels – Action, Passion, Icon, La Prima and Red. We drove the La Prima, which is the top of the range. However, if you go for the Icon, you can add all the additional extras of the La Prima (except leather seats) but at a more affordable price.

We loved the idea of the Red trim, it’s in partnership with Elton John’s RED charity. For every car purchase, a donation is made to the Global Fund to support the charity, which offers a range of prevention, treatment, education and care to communities most in need of help from global health emergencies. Gold star to Fiat for a fabulous and worthy partnership.

The Fiat 500 electric has keyless entry and a start/stop button. There’s also a little button to open the car door to get out instead of the normal door handle – quirky. The gears are buttons and are incredibly easy to use as opposed to a gear stick. There are 2 batteries to choose from depending on your needs. The range on the large battery is about 180 miles after air con/radio use and on the small battery about 115 miles. Full charge takes approximately 7 hours. Fiat have incorporated kinetic energy, which means the car charges the battery when you decelerate. It’s great fun to drive and the car really moves when you put your foot down.

There’s an SOS button for emergencies and as with most cars nowadays there’s a Fiat app. The app has many great features such as stolen vehicle tracking, info on how much charge is left, location of charge points and in the case of severe impact, it will automatically call emergency services.


The Fiat 500 electric has a classy interior and we would expect nothing less from an Italian car! It has a stylishly fun feel with a sporty steering wheel. There is a fixed panoramic sunroof giving it a light and airy feel too. Fiat have upgraded their touchscreen and gone large – 10.25 inch – we loved it! It is incredibly easy to navigate around and looks sleek and stylish on the dashboard. There is a digital cockpit behind the steering wheel with charge info amongst other things. Smartphone integration is included (as with most cars) and your phone apps look crystal clear on the screen.

The air con is simple to use and as you would expect with a car of this size – there are no air vents in the back.

Parking is unbelievably easy due to its size! Oh that smug feeling, when you’re running late on the school run and you can literally park it in the tiny space by the school gates! The car has front and rear parking sensors and the La Prima also a rear-view camera. Opt for the Icon or Red and you can add a rear camera if you wish. However, we’re honestly not sure whether you’d need it!

If a soft top takes your fancy, you can select the Cabrio model but be aware, choosing this car, will compromise the boot space.

Seats & Passenger Space

So, let’s be honest, it’s a little car and a large 6ft+ adult is going to struggle! However, we found there was enough height and leg space in the front for 2 average sized adults. There’s also an ISOFIX point on the passenger seat – a rare treat and very handy!

Leather seats are only available on the La Prima trim. However, there is the option of adding a stain guard on the fabric seats if you choose an alternative trim. Heated seats are also an option with the Winter Pack.

The rear bench can only accommodate 2 passengers. 2 children will have plenty of room and there are 2 ISOFIX points here. 2 adults will find the back snug on short journeys but we’re not quite sure how they’d fair on longer ones!

There’s privacy glass to keep out the sun’s glare if it decides to make a rare appearance, so no need for those flimsy window shades.

Cups & Cubby

We are pleased to see Fiat have improved their storage space. The glove box is a much better size for a small car.

There are small storage areas in the passenger and driver doors for the odd bits and bobs. Sadly, you won’t get a water bottle in the door bin. In the La Prima there is 1 good sized cup holder in between the driver and passenger seat (an improvement) however if you opt for one of the other trims, you lose this.

There is a storage tray underneath the dashboard for phones and keys. Here you’ll find a wireless phone charger and 1 USB port. There’s more storage with a retractable cover in between the driver and passenger seat with a second USB port and USB C port. An armrest with additional storage comes as standard on the La Prima and is optional extra on the other trims.

Unfortunately, aside from small storage pockets on the back of the driver and passenger seats, there’s no storage in the back.

Boot Space

For a small 4 seater car, we think the Fiat 500 electric boot size is great! At 185 litres, there’s enough room for a few shopping bags, school bags, PE kits etc and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how much you can actually fit in there. The Mini electric boot may trump it being 211 litres, but you can’t get a Maclaren Quest pushchair in the Mini due to the width of the boot and you can in the Fiat 500 electric!

It’s worth bearing in mind if you opt for the soft top, you will lose the boot height and getting things in and out becomes awkward. Sadly, there’s no powered tailgate but Fiat have incorporated a strap to assist with closing the boot. There’s also additional storage for charge equipment underneath the boot floor.


Well, what a fabulous little car! We loved the Fiat 500 electric. Let’s get past the fact the rear storage could be better. It’s easy to drive, has plenty of ISOFIX points, lots of storage in the front, a great sized screen and a boot that will surprise you. If you’re looking for an electric car with a good range for city driving or day to day family life, we urge you to take a look.

Car seats used in this review – 1 x Graco Booster Basic (width 40cm) 1 x MyChild Booster (width 39.5cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


3632mm (L) x 1683mm (W) x 1527mm (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

185 Litres

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

110 cm

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire


199 miles

Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-6omph in 9 secs