The Look 

The Drive

On Board Computer

Camera & Parking

Seats & Rear Bench 

Cup Holders & Cubby Holes


Safety (Euro NCAP) 

A good sized all electric family SUV with a chunky price tag

Starting price: £61,310


Spacious cabin

Smooth quiet drive

Good sized boot

2 plug in points


High price tag for entry level

Additional upgrades are lumpy


The e-tron is Audi’s first all-electric series and this mid-sized SUV is a great family car and a contender for potentially your first fully electric vehicle. The exterior has that familiar Audi look and two main rivals would be the Tesla X and Mercedes EQC.

There are two battery sizes, the e-tron 50 (71 KwH ) with a top range of 193 miles and then the larger 55 (95KwH) with a longer range of 249 miles max.   We drove the e-tron 55 quattro.

The e-tron has 5 trim levels Technik, Sport, S line, Black Edition and Vorsprung.  The entry level will set you back from £63,310 and this rises to over £94,000 for the top model.  A massive difference on the £’s!  Entry level does have a good bit of kit from electric folding mirrors, power operated tailgate and heated seats.

The car cleverly has two charging points, one on each side, just to make life that little bit less complicated.

The drive itself was very smooth with little outside noise interference. Great to keep little ones asleep.  Even when we back tracked on a mini roundabout the turning circle was brilliant. The gear selector is very neatly place in the middle console below the hand rest and with the slightest touch you can change gear.  We liked this design, however brands like Mercedes and VW are now moving the gear changer to the steering wheel which is very practical.  We tested out the out the cameras and parking sensors. For an upgrade of £1950 you can step up from the standard front / rear camera to 360 degree / 3D view.  The car feels quite compact and reversed perfectly into a parking spot.


The e-tron has not gone too futuristic and still retains the solid feel of a cockpit, but this time with 3 screens.  The digital drive display is nice and clear, the 10.1-inch infotainment screen is angled comfortably towards the driver and finally the climate control screen is reactive albeit that buttons and dials would do just the job!   There is also the option to keep the eyes fully on the road and use the steering wheel buttons which we found pretty easy to navigate.  Like with all the new high-end cars, voice control is part of the package.  Great when you need instant navigation or want to make a quick call.

£12,500 will get you the virtual door mirrors. Basically, the skinny wing mirror is a camera and this then projects onto a screen inside the car (inner door).  It would take some getting used to and actually a good wing mirror does the job and is no doubt cheaper to replace if it gets knocked!  We can definitely think of some more desirable things to spend this money on!

Most of the interior is finished in leather and has a high-end feel.  Overall, the layout is good.

Seats & Passenger Space

The car doors have a soft close, however, if you have larger children, you may never actually get to hear or see the door gently shut.  The seating standard trim is in leather – the best finish for families!  The front seats are heated and there is loads of electric adjustment to really find that perfect seated position.  Super comfy!

The rear bench is both wide and deep.  2 car seats or 2 booster seats had plenty of space and either a smaller person or a narrow booster could be positioned in the middle seat.  Alternatively, with a nice flat floor, 3 adults or teens would also fit.

The door opening is nice and wide and with such an airy cabin this car is great for rear facing baby seats.  You can find 1 isofix in the front and 2 on the rear bench.

The rear windows have privacy glass, but we did notice that they only came down 2/3 of the way which is not perfect.  However, the car does have good climate control in the rear.  A plus if you have sickly travellers!

Cups & Cubby

The e-tron is great for family life.  Lots of good storage spaces to be found.  The door bins throughout can hold large water bottles.  In the middle console the cup holders are in a good spot, but just a little deep.  Next to the holders there is the perfect spot to pop your mobile phone safely and it will charge from here wirelessly.  This area could do with a sliding door to cover any items rather than being ‘open plan’.  There are 2 usb ports positioned here along with 2 in the rear to keep the whole family fully charged!

The glovebox is on the smaller size, but there is a secret bit of storage to the right of the steering wheel which is perfect for a wallet and some keys.

In the rear there is a little shelf in the middle console, by the usb ports, which could hold a phone and there are netted pockets on the back of the front seats for further storage.  Within the middle pulldown armrest you can find two neat cupholders.

Boot Space

The boot is a great size and shape.  660 litres will comfortably store a large pram along with luggage for a week end away.  There is barely any load lip and, an all-time Mummy favourite, is the electric tailgate.  An electric boot gives you options to juggle especially when you are trying to multitask all in one fell swoop!   The ski hatch opens from top to bottom, so it is a much more useable space.  Whereas a normal ski hatch is more of a post-box and very little use to most!  One negative from Kate’s side was that if you have a larger dog the floor does not lower and your average Labrador may get a crooked neck!


The e-tron maintains an interior that can take on family life and has a great rear space to keep passengers happy.  A good mid sized SUV with a larger price tag.

** Boosters used in this review: Cozynsafe Tambu (width 45cm)

Car seats : Joie Trillo (width 48cm)

Car Dimensions - Kate and Claire


4901 (L) x 1935 (W) x 1616 (H)

Boot Capacity - Kate and Claire

Boot Capacity

660 litres

Backseat Size Kate and Claire Reviews

Backseat Dimensions

Miles per Gallon - Kate and Claire

Miles per gallon


Range - Kate and Claire


193 miles (e-tron 50)

Speedometer - Kate and Claire


0-60 mph 6.8 sec (e-tron 50)