Car-Type-7 seater

7 seaters are perfect for families.  They offer more flexibility with seating when there are extra bodies to squeeze into the car with some models able to fit a combination of baby car seats and boosters.  Plus they offer an enormous boot when the extra seats are not needed.

We have reviewed whether the cars offer comfort to all passengers regardless of where you sit and have added extras that make journeys with children a more enjoyable experience from the infotainment right through to climate control.  We have considered how easy it is to put the extra seats up and put back away and how spacious the boot is once the seats are up.  

7 seaters need to be large, economical and practical with technology that means parking will not fill you with dread!  This category really allows for every eventuality that family life takes on giving ample space for wellingtons, buggies, sports equipment right through to holiday luggage.

Buying a car in this class doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the look.  If an MPV (multi purpose vehicle) or more commonly known as a ‘People Carrier’ is not what you’re looking for then there are plenty of options in this group including 7 seater SUVs.