Family Car Reviews

Kate and Claire will help you find your perfect family car

Family Car Reviews

Kate and Claire will help you find your perfect family car

Honest, practical car reviews written by mums for growing families.

What should you be looking for in your next family car? So much information, but where to start? Why don’t car reviews consider the needs of everyday life?

Kate and Claire make finding your perfect family car quick and easy. Reviewed through the eyes of a mum with all the practical information in one place. From the number of child seats you can fit in the back, ISOFIX points, boot size, in-car storage, and everything else you didn’t realise you needed until you had kids!

Kate and Claire review the information you need, to make the right choice, on your new family car. Choose your category and let the journey begin…

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How we review

We have created a 5 star review system based on what we believe to be the 8 key areas of importance for families. No jargon or confusing statements just useful facts, observations, and practicalities to help choose your next family car.



It may be the safest car in the world but if it doesn’t look stylish then it’s not going to do well here.


The Drive

Is it a smooth, comfortable drive and easy to handle?



Ease of navigation, functionality, visual appeal. Air con/ Climate & Heating. Climate control in front and/or rear



Front/back parking sensors? On board cameras Mirror size, view, electric?





Cup holders & Cubbies

Position of cup holders






As we’re not safety experts we’ll be going by Euro’s NCAP ratings

“Thank you so much for the useful advice on buying a car. I have two growing boys, an elderly mum and two dogs! I checked out your suv reviews and learnt about boot sizes and different trims so felt confident about what I wanted in my new car. I now have my perfect mum’s taxi complete with heated seats and cup holder for when I’m sat outside waiting to pick up my boys! Would definitely recommend”

“I have to say thank you very much for putting together this wonderful site, it has been a life saver! On Friday we were told that our car was beyond economical repairs, with two boys, two jobs and a busy life we needed a new car and pronto! I went on Google looking for cars and I wanted to cry, I didn’t know where to start but then I looked at your website and within 15 minutes we choose the car for us, we picked it up yesterday! Thank you so much for the useful summary, the clear content and for the plain English! I owe you a drink or two! Thank you.”

Kate and Claire portrait

Hi, we’re Kate and Claire

We’re 2 working mums of young children based in South West London.

After having children, we both discovered that we had become the main driver within our households. School runs, big shops and long distance driving further afield, to visit family and friends, had become the new norm.  Our website was born out of sheer frustration when purchasing a new car. Whether it was buying a family car or a small run around, we found that all the advice and reviews were based very much on the technical aspects as opposed to the practicalities of family life. How many car seats or boosters would fit on the back seat? Was the boot large enough to fit a pushchair, buggy, school bags, shopping or even a dog? Essentials such as these were simply not on their radar. How long it takes to get from 0 – 60 certainly isn’t top of our agenda!!!

We’re not claiming to be motoring experts, but we know what the important car essentials are for families. After many discussions and chats with friends, we soon realised that there were shared necessities when buying the perfect family car.

Kate and Claire was born.